Doctor Fate Relaunch

An english page in all this german stuff? Yes, because I try to reach as many people as possible with this petition.

I’m am a great Doctor Fate fan and have been for quite some time. From the Golden Age storys by Gardner Fox to the most recent reimagination by Steve Gerber Doctor Fate allways was a very interesting character and has shown a wide range of posibilities for magic and human interaction. Doctor Fate has been the inspiration for many other characters, Marvel Dr. Strange beeing just the most famous of them.

For all those reasons I think that Doctor Fate should be one of those characters that deserves to be featured again. The DC Relaunch seems to be the right point for this. Be it as a story in DC Universe Presents, a one-shot or a miniseries, Doctor Fate should be the center of a story again and not just the supporting cast for something like the JSA.

One of the greates Doctor Fate storys where told by a master storyteller who had a great vision for the character of Doctor Fate and the triangle he shared with his host Kent Nelson and his wife Inza. The Immortal Doctor Fate reprints, writen by Martin Pasko are among my most cherrishes comic possessions. So it is only naturally that I would love seeing him have another go at the character.

So, please DC, give Martin Pasko the chance to revive Doctor Fate, not only does he deserves it he is ready for it:!/MartinPasko/status/86881605918007296

I’d love 2 do *Fate* again. Maybe I can twist Walt’s arm in2 doing a 1-shot but prob not an ongoing.

I have opened threads in several forums to get more people interested in a Doctor Fate Relaunch:

Comic Book Resources
Bleeding Cool
DC Comics Forums
Comic Bloc

I also posted something on Dan Didio’s Facebook page.

Now we have our own Facebook page:

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